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Hosted by Russ and Tony, each episode is 12 to 70 minutes of passionate blather about a beer and a song. We drink the beer. We listen to the song. Disagreement and ridicule abound. Sometimes there is more than one beer. Sometimes there are no songs. Sometimes there are multiple songs. There has never been no beer.

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    185 - Come On Yeah

    We were summoned from our long, peaceful slumber by a couple of yokels from Alpharetta of all places, who somehow managed to fabricate podcast beef(?) out of thin air. So this is our half-cocked response. Sigh.

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    169 - A guest with two macro lagers and definitely some trap music

    Our buddy Chris joins us for some deep summer philosophizing and a couple beers that end in Light/Lite. TONY TONY WHATS WITH THE HEAVY BREATHING. Well, since I am not able to make audio equipment function in any productive way, Chris was without the benefit of headphones throughout. We are nothing if not consistent.

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    A local Belgian quad and Trampled by Turtles AND no snacks BUT some soccer.

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    159 - Toppling Goliath and Joe Satriani

    After starting 2018 with bold new beer opinions, Russ is back to hating very good beers for no reason. Also, copious wheedle-eedles.

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    157 - Two Sour Beers and a Show Tune

    Two sour beers from Russ (which ... read that back to yourself, long-time listeners) and a show tune because, again, Russ.

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    #155 – Prairie Noir and Dead Man Winter


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    #153 – 2016 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW and some beers and a song

    The title of this episode is pretty self-explanatory. Our long time football correspondent, Kit, joins us once again to drink a couple beers, eat a crunchy snack, and make predictions that are guaranteed to either happen or not happen. Alright then.

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    #152 – Oconee Brewing Company and Brad Carter

    We were joined by Taylor from Oconee Brewing Company, which is slated to open in early 2017 in Greensboro, GA (sort of halfway between Atlanta and Augusta). Taylor graciously drove six hundred thousand miles from Greensboro and braved bizarro Sunday Atlanta traffic to sweat it out in the basement and we are thankful for that. In addition to a couple Oconee brews, Taylor also brought a song by Brad Carter. As I mentioned in the episode, here is a link to a video of Brad Carter playing guitar while having brain surgery. So get in there!

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    #151 – Troy Casey Saison and Rocky Top (and Trillium Heavy Mettle)

    Hey hey! We managed to sweet talk Blake into sticking around for another episode. He brought the beer and we repurposed a song from an episode that didn't make the cut. Oh, and we drank an extra beer because we are grown ass men and we can do whatever we want.

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    #150 – Creature Comforts Mutualism and Stonerider

    It took us an extra week and a wasted episode, but we're here with episode of our lord one hundred and fifty and it is a good'n. Who's your favorite recurring guest? If you said anyone other than Blake, well ... I guess, go back to episode one and start over. He's been with us before (20, 99, 100), and we love having him on because we can just lean on him for intelligent, coherent information about beer, as opposed to ... you know. Blake was nice enough to bring us some samples of Creature Comforts' soon-to-be-released Mutualism. It's set to be available at the brewery as a to-go souvenir tour option starting July 14th, but we got to enjoy it early because we are elite beer journalists. It tastes like LISTEN TO THE EPISODE. Blake also brought a song from local Atlanta rockers Stonerider who released a new album called Hologram a couple months ago. We listen to "Elevator Operator," and it is very good, but I'll just tell you it is very long. Russ said that Stonerider sounds like "Emerson, Hall, & Oates" and he wasn't trying to be funny or ironic because Russ. Alright, get in there.

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    #149 – Founders Mango Magnifico and Hot Wives

    It's an episode of a podcast! If you are a fan of the bizarre rules and regulations that serve as the governing framework of Russ's life, you're definitely going to want to check out the Fruit Bit that starts at the 9:50 mark.

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