1 Beer 1 Song
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Hosted by Russ and Tony, each episode is 12 to 70 minutes of passionate blather about a beer and a song. We drink the beer. We listen to the song. Disagreement and ridicule abound. Sometimes there is more than one beer. Sometimes there are no songs. Sometimes there are multiple songs. There has never been no beer.

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    169 - A guest with two macro lagers and definitely some trap music

    Our buddy Chris joins us for some deep summer philosophizing and a couple beers that end in Light/Lite. TONY TONY WHATS WITH THE HEAVY BREATHING. Well, since I am not able to make audio equipment function in any productive way, Chris was without the benefit of headphones throughout. We are nothing if not consistent.

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    A local Belgian quad and Trampled by Turtles AND no snacks BUT some soccer.

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